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The Trace Me Luggage Tracker is being used by thousands of travellers worldwide. For a low, annually renewable fee they make use of the unique SMS- & email service that notifies them of the location of their luggage.

Trace Me luggage tags can be purchased online as well as offline. Depending on your location an official Trace Me retailer might be nearby.

Please send us an email to receive an overview of official retailers in your vicinity. We will respond within 24 hours.


Want to become an official Trace Me Luggage Tracker retailer?

The original Trace Me Luggage Tracker is a popular travel item, a great gift and is often made available by companies to their employees. It is an ideal cross-selling product for companies within the travel- & tourism industry. It performs very well when sold in combination with trips, hotel rooms, airline tickets and travel items (luggage, etc.).

It is even possible to have the Trace Me Luggage Tracker custom-produced especially for your company. A Luggage Tracker that features your logo creates a constant awareness of your brand amongst customers, members and personnel. It is a soughtafter gift to be handed out during special events and promotional activities.

Contact us today for more information about retail opportunities or about getting your own Trace Me Luggage Tracker custom-produced. We will respond to your request within 24 hours. 


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