24 Hours Of World Air Traffic

This updated HD graphic shows 24 hours of air traffic on the earth presented in a Mercator projection.

The dataset tracks commercial flights from the approximately 9000 civil airports worldwide. The day/night terminator is included as a time reference. Flight traffic picks up noticeably during daylight hours and drops off through the night. Each yellow tail is one plane in this visualization

Courtesy: NOAA, Data Set Source:


European Parliament: Compensation for delayed baggage

All airline passengers know it can happen to them one day. Arriving at your destination, while your baggage does not. The European Parliament (EP) wants to compensate passengers for the delay of their baggage.


The five ways in which baggage gets lost

It happens to thousands of travellers every day. They arrive at their destinations, while their baggage does not. During the days – and sometimes – weeks that follow a loss, you can do nothing but hope that the whereabouts of your baggage can be traced so that the airline can return your luggage. You might be without your suitcase for days, or even weeks, and you might never even see it again. How does this happen?


3000 lost every hour

According to the latest SITA Baggage Report (2011) more than 3.000 bags are being lost at the airport every single hour of every single day. That’s an average of three bags per flight, adding up to 29,44 million mishandled bags per year*. It happens to thousands of travellers every day. They arrive at their destination, while their baggage does not. Thanks to the Trace Me Luggage Tracker there now is help finding back your precious belongings.



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