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With the knowledge that more than 3,000 bags are lost every hour of every day* it is little wonder that lost luggage represents one of the greatest concerns for the modern traveller. When the airline check-in tag is missing, has been damaged or has expired (with barcodes being recycled on a continuous basis) baggage handlers often have only a physical description of the mishandled bag to aid identification.

Currently 29,44 million bags are lost every year with 1 million bags never being identified*.

The Trace Me Luggage Tracker provides a simple and straightforward sollution to the nightmare of lost luggage. A credit card sized tag carrying a unique serial number and barcode is attached to each piece of luggage. The passenger activates their tag online by registering their personal details into the world’s largest property register – a completely secure database used by airlines, airports, law enforcement agencies and luggage handling offices around the globe.

Without the security risc of putting one’s name and address on a suitcase an owner can be quickly and easily identified and contacted wherever their bag is found.  As soon as the baggage handler scans the barcode or enters the serial number, an SMS text and email are automatically sent to the owner notifying him/her of the location of the bag. It is fast, efficient and effective.

Suitable for all check-in and carry-on luggage, golf bags, ski bags, musical instrument cases, lap top bags, backpacks, etc..

Data integrity

The security of personal data is paramount and Trace Me stores all data in the Immobilise Property Register powered by Recipero, provider of database systems for governments, police forces and insurance companies across the world.

Benefits of the Trace Me Luggage Tracker


* SITA Baggage Report 2011


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