29,44 million mishandled bags

planeEvery hour of every day more than 3000 bags get lost at the airport. That’s an average of three bags per flight, adding up to 29,44 million mishandled bags per year*. It happens to thousands of travellers every day. They arrive at their destination, while their baggage does not.

Available worldwide

cart2The Trace Me Luggage Tracker is being used by travellers around the globe. For a low, one off charge travellers benefit from a lifetime registration and receive an email & SMS notification of recovery of their bag. Tags can be purchased at our retailpartners and are shipped worldwide.

How it works

phone2Your Trace Me Luggage Tracker is linked & interfaced with the worldwide airline baggage tracing system WorldTracer. It is fully compatible with the equipment & IT-systems already available at all airports, making it the only luggage tag that is checkable by all airlines and airports around the globe.


 With over 3000 bags being lost every hour of every day* it is little wonder that lost luggage presents one of the greatest concerns for the modern traveller.




A credit card sized tag

A credit card sized tag carrying a unique serial number and barcode is attached to each piece of luggage. Passengers activate their tag online by registering their personal details.


White label options

It is possible to have the Trace Me Luggage Tracker custom-produced especially for your company. Tag, packaging as well as the online registration site can have your logo.



A Trace Me tag is recognised and used by airport staff within their existing SITA WorldTracer system. Usage of the Trace Me Luggage Tracker is part of the standard procedure.



Recipero: From the Latin recupero, maining to regain / to recover. The data used by the Trace Me Luggage Tracker is stored within the global databases of serial numbers run by


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